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Mäta övervaka optimera Sopbil Soptunnor Dator Faktura

Botek develops, manufactures and supplies solutions to measure, monitor and optimize waste collection services within the recycling and waste management industry.

The on-vehicle solution can for example include:

- Digital driving routes
- Identification of bins by RFID
- Automatic weighing of waste
- GPS-positioning
- Wireless Communication by 3G

The system is designed to increase fleet efficiency by for example:

- Reducing the number of missed bins
- Avoid service to non-paying clients
- Record exceptions as overfull, blocked or broken bins
- Provide validation of services to customers

Each collection is data recorded with additional information such as exceptions and GPS position which are reported back to the office in real-time.

This provides a great tool for customer support with details such as time of collection and exceptions such as overfull, blocked or broken bins.

If the vehicles are equipped with weighing scales the system will also provide weight data of collected waste which can be used for invoicing.

The system provides valid weight data for invoicing and statistic data over a defined period of time. This makes an incentive for increased recycling rates and reduced landfill costs.


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